Assignment c3_w2_quizz

Anybody help me to find what is value of r(2,2) this question is a fill in the blanks one

First you have to consider what the index values of ‘r’ refer to. And what the ‘r’ data means.
Then you can read the value out of the table.

I don’t get any idea about the r(2,2) it’s not the index value is there any calculation to find r ?
I am not getting any clarity about the question

your selection of ? for r(2,2) is correct but how do you assign a number to a value when there is no review given for a movie, will give you the answer!!!

I hope you will understand the hint from above sentence!!! :slight_smile:


In this context, r(i,j) is used to represent whether a rating exists or not, rather than the rating value itself. It’s a binary value where:
1 indicates that the user j has rated movie i.
0 indicates that the user j has not rated movie i.