Two numbers can not match

Can anyone help me?

Use 2’s rating in action is 4 in the first picture, why say 3.9 in the second picture?

Reading that statement I understand that on average user 2 has rated action movies at 3.9. And has rated movie 6874 at 4, just that movie at 4. The average of all action movies is 3.9!

Sorry, I still cannot understand, does the “4” in the red circle mean user 2’s average rating in action genre?

Since there are many rows of the same genre I would guess there are many movies there too, for each row should be a movie! But I dont have access to these specialization so I cannot verify!

Although I am still confused, thank you anyway

The 4 in the first picture represents user 2’s average rating for action movies. The 3.9 mentioned in the second picture is likely a mistake; it should be 4 to match the data shown in the first picture.

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Am I right?

@TMosh @paulinpaloalto @Deepti_Prasad

I am sorry @Alireza_Saei I am not mentor for this course, so I do not access to the course material and labs, but with what I have saved from the course, I am unable to find the lab in week2 with name Practice Lab, so until I can get access to lab I do not want to add confusion to the learner who is already confused.

Perhaps adding an MLS mentor @rmwkwok or L.T of MLS @chris.favila is better step to address when it comes to content writing confusion related to labs.

@13695789309 They will surely respond, thank you for your patience. Although remember the 3.9 mentioned with on an average which @gent.spah already mentioned, and I suppose you are looking at the incorrect column for the image in question, notice the column next to romance, where it mentions Sci-Fi and Thriller with 3.9 rating as the highlighted statement mentions Action/Crime/Thriller.


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Sorry, but i am currently unavailable.

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I agree with you, @Alireza_Saei. As for why they were different, an investigation will be needed. Perhaps a rounding issue, perhaps these two numbers were calculated with different sets of samples, or there might be other reasons…


Thanks for your response @rmwkwok :grin:


Thank you for your dedicated help!:trophy:

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You’re welcome! Happy to help :raised_hands: