RecSysNN_Assignment: clarification on training data

This is the user train table

In this cell

it tells: User 2 rates action movies as 3.9 on average

2 Queries

  1. User 2 in the table for action is 4
  2. Why are taking just action, while the movie is Action,Crime, and Thriller

Hi Naren,

Your comments are fair. Let me share with you how I interpret the text of the cell:

  1. When it says that User 2 gives action movies a 3.9 on average, I assume that they have considered more than one movie to compute that number.
  2. Now they want to explain one specific case for one specific movie and one specific category, not three, so they compare the rating of user 2 for just Action with the MovieLens users rating. They are both 4.

Not sure it this helps you to understand better the text. I agree that it would help that they are more transparent with the data they used to compute the 3.9 average or it should be better explained.

Happy learning,