Completed the course - My Learning shows 88%


I have completed the “LangChain for LLM Application Development”, and even though the lesson “Chains” shows green, on “My Learnings” the course shows only 88% completed.
I have completed all sections and they all show “green”.

Would appreciate if you could help close this course out as successfully completed, and how do I get the certificate for this?


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Hi @Akshay_Bhakhri,

Thank for reporting this. I’ll forward this along to the concern team.

Also, please note, there are no certificates (of completion) for short courses.


Hi @Akshay_Bhakhri - would it be possible for you to post a screenshot of the course, including all the lessons? Thanks!

Thanks! Please let me know when fixed.

If we don’t get certificates of completion how can we legally report a completion on LinkedIn?

Please advise, thanks!

Hi @Akshay_Bhakhri,

As per Joe’s request, please share the screenshot so that he can look into it.

And I’ll get back to you on the certificate thing.


Please see on left bar on first screenshot. Everything is in ‘green’. I completed all of it. The Jupyter notebook could not be downloaded by me due to an “error”, but I executed all steps and completed it.

The second screenshot shows “chains” as not highlighted and as not completed. Don’t know why. I have completed it. Thus my score shows only ‘88%’

I sent the screenshots (attached here too).


I have the exact same issue. I’ve also gone through the Chain module twice to see if that would fix the issue. It didn’t. :frowning:

Hmm interesting, by going through the module, did you rewatch the video too?

I originally finished the Chain module. I went to the main learning page after I completed the entire course and it display only 88% complete, referring to the module Chain. I then viewed the module again. Still reported 88%. I then logged off and logged in. Still 88%.

I noticed that if I go to this page:

and I expand the course listing, the module “Chains” is listed as not completed with 88% in the circle to the right.

Whereas when I go to the course itself

and I view the left panel which lists all of the modules, all of the modules are displayed as begin completed with the small green circle with the check mark.

Yes, I went through the video, and simulatenously ran the jupyter notebook. I also, created my own project in VSCode and ran it there too.
ALL other chapters are fine under My Learning EXCEPT for the “Chains”.

I have already sent my screenshots.

You want them again?

Hi, Could you please help me resolve this?

I have spent time on this very interesting and important course and completed it. I would like to have my completion reflected on LinkedIn.

Please advise.


Hi , I hope you are doing well !
bro , did you get the solution for certificate thingy ? i was actually looking forward to it . Even bought the openai api :smiling_face_with_tear:.

I am having the same issue and it is also saying that I haven’t completed the Chains modile.

Thanks for the report - we have a fix for this issue working internall and will update this thread once fully tested and deployed.

Thanks! Please let us know, appreciate it!

Same issue: 88% showing, Chain is the problem, tried same as above.
Thanks for working on a solution.
Will be great to get a completion certificate too.

This should be fixed now. Thanks!

Hi Joe,

I still have the issue, it is NOT fixed for me.
Please help resolve this for me!
Would really appreciate it!