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Is there a way so that i can complete check of this video have been watching it many times and still didn’t get check completion

Hi Jamal022,

Thanks for reporting this. I believe the team is already working on it.

Maybe it is good to mention that there is no certificate for completing the course, in case you are wondering about that.

I just wanted to finish it and i already saw people got a certificate and shared it on linkedin and i wanted to get one too so that i can post and recommend the course on linkedin as I’m doing with all courses and specializations i take from

Hi Jamal022,

There are no certificates, so people posting things on linkedin are creating the ‘certificates’ themselves.

Hello @Jamal022 ,

Could you kindly post here the link of the LinkedIn posts where people shared certificates.

There are no certificates for the short courses of Deeplearnng.AI for the time being as @reinoudbosch has said.

With regards,
Nilosree Sengupta

I didn’t know I thought there is a certificate and i took the course not for a certificate sure i just saw the post and thought i can get one too here is the link by the way

Linkedin post: Ibrahim Sobh - PhD on LinkedIn: #course #ai #llms #generativeai #python #course #free #chatgpt #openai…

Is that a legal thing to create a certificate?

Good question. @Mubsi: What is your take on this?

Hello everyone.

Thank you for looking into this.This is not a certificate made by DeepLearning.AI.

We do not offer certificates for our short courses at the moment.