Do we get any Certificate after completing the Course

Just Completed the Course " ChatGPT Prompt Engineering for Developers", do we get any certificate from the DeepLearning.AI, If we get any certificate and by using the certificate in my current organization I can explore and develop new AI related application which will help to achieve new heights in the AI Carrier.

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So sorry. There is no certificate for short courses.

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Thanks for information, may i know on which courses will get certificate

All the specialization courses offers a certificate of conclusion.

All the courses in Coursera that offers certificate requires Graded Quizes(Test) and/or Assignment(Coding, presentation, paper) to be graded, in most of case, over 80%. All such courses requires payment. The short-course has no assignment to prove the accomplishment nor requires fees. So it is very natural that the short courses does not offer certificates.

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