Won't I receive a certificate on completing this course?

I had a query regarding if I will receive a certificate on completing this course(‘ChatGPT Prompt Engineering for Developers’) ? Because I have completed but not received a certificate yet

There is no certificate for short courses.

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Can you please mention some courses that offer certifiactes?

How do we get to know if a course offers a certificate ?

Short courses do not offer a certificate.
I believe everything else does.

Hello @mian,

We are glad in your interest. for our courses! At this moment no short Courses offer certificates. Only our specializations.

Let me know if you have any other questions.

Dear Deeplearning Ai, your short courses are more valuable than any ‘certificate-offering’ courses by others out there on internet. Please issue at least a completion badge which we can proudly share on social media and recommend the amazing short courses to our friends who can know its value and get benefitted from it, instead of blindly consuming less quality content because it gives them certificate, that somehow makes them feel authentic as it adds to credibility. Your short courses can teach a LOT and way better. Please issue at least a badge of completion. Thanks much!

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Thank you for your words and feedback! We will keep this on consideration as we continue to grow and make changes to our platform.