Conda error while installing requirement.txt in week1-ungraded-lab

As per the instructions, after creating a virtual environment and activating it in Anaconda prompt terminal, while installing requirements.txt through pip, I am getting “No such file or directory error” as below:

Hi Shubhajit11,
Could you please add a screnshot of the files in the location? It would help resolve the issue faster.

Sure !

After I created requirements.txt file in that folder, it worked. But still, while running the server.ipynb file in Jupyter Notebook, I’m getting the error saying that the image files are missing. So, now my question is from where can I get all the files.

hi @Shubhajit11 , Looks like you miss many files, can you check out the project by the following command or download the zip file from Github by clicking the Code button and choose Download ZIP?

git clone

Ok… Thanks a lot ! I didn’t download the folder earlier.