Conflicts in Course3 W1 quiz Q14


I’m doing the quiz for C3W1 and always getting Q14 wrong. And I have found that in the two versions of this question, the comments are conflicting with each other.

Question version one I selected “Split them (the 1000 new images) between dev and test and re-tune”. It is incorrect because “The first you’ll need more data so augmenting existing data to create more training examples would be next step”.

Then I take the quiz again and have version two of this question (with a giant bird image on it). I selected “Try data augmentation/data synthesis to get more images of the new type of bird.” It still says I’m incorrect because “The true data distribution is changed. It means you need to adjust your evaluation. Because you evaluate your learning algorithm on dev and test sets. Adding more data only to training set doesn’t help the algorithm to perform better”.

This is very confusing. Why it gives conflicting comments? If you need I can update the screenshots of both versions of this questions.


Hello @rky2003

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I think the key to the point of confusion is in the last sentence of the question: “Which of these should you do first?”. There are multiple choices in each of the two versions but the key is about what is the first action among the available choices, so we really need to go through all the options, analyze them, and find the best one. Data augmentation is a great way but, in your question version one, there seemed to be another option which can serve well as the preparation step before we move on to data augmentation.


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Hello @rmwkwok,

For I was too confused by the question for hours (as I find the Quiz so interesting that I’ve taken it a few times), I believe that the Devil is in the details – both in the wording of the questions and the answers. Your reply to this post only furthered my take on that.
However, is it possible that in your last sentence you’ve perhaps mixed up version 1. and 2. with that of the OC? My concerns stem from the fact that in version 1. of the question the correct answer appear to be involving data augmentation. If that is not the case, please, explain how it connects to version 1.

Thank you in advance,

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