Connect Langchain with Whatsapp

A project of mine, is about a chatbot that integrated in a whatsapp app. For the conversation between the user and the chatbot, we need Langchain to train the conversation using a custom data. What are the steps to integrate Langchain in the whatsapp chatbot?


Hello @farrelberwyn
You can try using whatsapp-web.js (A WhatsApp client library for NodeJS that connects through the WhatsApp Web browser app)

@farrelberwyn Here’s the components you’d need:

  • WhatsApp app with its own phone number (see WhatsApp Business Platform)
  • Publicly accessible RESTful API

WhatsApp would trigger a webhook in your API with the incoming message and the sender’s phone number. Your natural language processing pipeline, with or without LangChain, would then do its thing. And once a response is ready, make an API call to WhatsApp to send a response to the sender.

I’ve done this integration, without LangChain though, primarily for function calling, see