Create a Whatsapp based ChatBot using Llama 2 and python


I am new to the AI space and I wanted to create a Llama-2 whatsapp chatbot as a part of my experimentation in AI.
I’ve been trying to create a whatsapp based chat bot which could act as my assistant using Llama-2. For this I have registered for a lot of accounts (which i am not a big fan of) - Meta developer account, glitch account registration, created a webhook through glitch so on and so forth. The base code is written in python.

I tried using a code in a github repo (written in python) related to the same but while running the project, it gave me an error saying that

LangChainDeprecationWarning: Importing LLMs from langchain is deprecated. Importing from langchain will no longer be supported as of langchain==0.2.0. Please import from langchain-community instead:

from langchain_community.llms import Replicate.

To install langchain-community run pip install -U langchain-community.

I also ran pip install -U langchain-community but i got the same error again. I have a couple of questions:
how can we remove the above error? is there a better way to import replicate instead of from langchain_community.llms import Replicate which can serve my purpose?

is there an alternate better way to create a whatsapp chatbot using Llama-2 without registering on too many apps?

Thanks and Regards

Hello @Arun_Ravindran
Regarding the error, Have you tried using a virtual environment? If you have multiple versions of Python/pip installed they can lead to environment path conflicts when it comes to package management.


Ya I tried Venv with only one version of python installed in it.

I’m not sure about your specific error, is the project open-source? You can share the repo. You can also try debugging langchain errors using their chatbot: