Convolutional Neural Networks, Week 1, conv_backward

Hello ! I have an issue with the code of the backpropagation of the convolutional neural network, more precisely with the conv_backward function.

I did the code, but I tells my that it computes the wrong value of dA.
“AssertionError: Wrong values for dA”. I also have the wrong values of db and dW when I compare it.

The formulas I used in the code to compute it are the same than the ones given in the exercice.

Where do you think the problem is ?

Thank you

I’ve seen this topic : Course 4 week 1 assignment 1 - Exercise 5 : conv_backward() - #9 by xadxad,
but I don’t have the same values than them and I’ve already worked with the strides to compute the vertical and horizontal values for both conv_forward and conv_backward functions !

It’s finally solve !
For people who have the same issue, watch the topic I’ve posted before !