Correct assignment keeps getting a 0% grade[ Course 1 week 1 Assignment ]

I completed the tasks for the week 1 of coursera and my model was trained and runs successfully. However, when I submitted my work, I got graded a 0. What could be wrong? I need to move on and get the certificate.
Please resolve quickly. Thanks.

This is the error I’m getting: Cell #15. Can’t compile the student’s code. Error: RecursionError(‘maximum recursion depth exceeded in comparison’,) coursera error

This means you wrote code that calls itself. That’s a bad thing.

For example, if you had a function like this:

def my_function():
  result = my_function()

return result

… this would result in an infinite loop, because the function calls itself without ending. The function never hits the return statement.

The kernel watches for this sort of condition and stops your code from running forever, and throws the error you saw.