Programming Assignment: Neural Network with Two Layers

I have done this assignment, passed all the test but when I submit assignment, it is giving me 0 % grade.

And in feedback of every 8 questions, it is written,
“You are submitting a version of the assignment that is behind the latest version.
The latest version is 2 and you are on version 1.
To upgrade to the latest version follow the instructions in the reading item called ‘(Optional) Common Coursera Labs Operations’.
This item can be found before the assignment of the first week of the course.
This notebook should be up to date so create a copy of it in your drive, migrate your work to this newer version and submit again for grading.”

I did what was instructed in the feedback but again the same result. Any clue?

Submitting screenshot as well.

Hi @owaism sorry for the delayed response.

We had in fact an issue with this assignment that is already fixed. Can you try getting the latest version and submitting again? Also, do not forget to remove or rename the notebook file in your workspace, because coursera will not overwrite any files, so if you don’t do this, you the notebook won’t be updated.