Error in C2_W2_Assignment

I’ve tried so many times to submit this work, but it continues to get a zero grade, even when all tests were passed correctly. What can I do to submit 100%? Has someone here already solved this problem?

(Solution code removed, as posting it publicly is against the honour code of this community)

Hello @Matheus_Henrique and welcome to the deep learning community.
Please edit your topic by deleting your codes as it’s against our community guidelines to post your assignment solutions.

In the meantime please try this solution for the grading problem:

Please make sure you are submitting the correct assignment file. I had this problem when I renamed the file and I didn’t realize I was submitting the wrong file.

Unfortunately didn’t work! I submitted it once when it gave me 100/100. But the Coursera system notified me a 0/100 later when I closed the notebook to see access week 3, and now it doesn’t work that anymore, it’s still 0/100.