Course 1 Week 2 Assignment 1 — Am I The Problem Here?

It’s an extremely simple task. I’m questioning my sanity right now … not sure what I’m getting wrong since it’s just one like of code. Would appreciate any help!

Oh, and for context, this task required me to use math.exp() to find the sigmoid of x.

What this task is asking you to do is translate the mathematical formula for sigmoid into python code. Please have another look at the instructions to see the formula. Hint: the formula is not just e^x, which is what you have implemented. You need e^x as part of the formula, but the point is that is not the whole thing. I thought the instructions were pretty clear on this point, but apparently not.

Maybe a reasonable rule of thumb is that rather than questioning one’s sanity, a more constructive approach might be to read the instructions again carefully. :nerd_face:

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no, you’re right. I probably shouldn’t be up this late. Also realized too late that exp() returns the exponential and not the sigmoid. Sorry for the trouble!

Quick update, it worked! Thank you!

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Great! You’re rolling now! Onward! :nerd_face:

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