Course 1 Week 2 Python_Basics_with_Numpy exercise all failed

Hi @paulinpaloalto,
I got error for all exercises. just one line of code and got error:
In Coursera discussion on this exercise, I saw at least 3 similar topics about same problem opened in last 24 hours.
Can anyone help?

{moderator edit - solution code removed}

You have implemented the sigmoid function as simply e^x. That is not the sigmoid function: that is the exponential function. They give you the mathematical formula for sigmoid in the instructions.

Note that when they told you to “use math.exp”, that doesn’t mean that is the complete answer by itself. That is just the python function to implement e^x, which is one of the components you need in order to build the sigmoid function.


I’m quite sure I have implemented correctly and I’m also having errors with the basic_sigmoid function. I’ve run the code in a Jupiter notebook and when calling basic_sigmoid(1) I get 0.7310585786300049. However, running the code in Coursera Notebook I see: basic_sigmoid(1) = 0.2689414213699951
Why on my Jupiter Noteboo I get 0.7310585786300049 while on Coursera I get 0.2689414213699951?

I have no way to say what will happen if you run your notebook in some other environment, so I don’t find that a worthwhile line of reasoning to pursue. But if you get the wrong answer when you run it on the course website, that must mean that your code is incorrect. Are you sure that you have compared your code carefully to the formula for sigmoid which is given in the instructions?

It’s my fault. Code is good but I’m getting messy when running cells!!