Error at Course -1 Week- 2, assignment -1 , Exercise -2

[removed code by moderator]

When i try to implement the simple math.exp(x) function I am getting the below error !

basic_sigmoid(1) = 0.2689414213699951
Error: Wrong output.
1 Tests passed
1 Tests failed

However the other exercises like changing the dimensionality of the image and sigmoid_derivative are working fine (i.e passing all the test cases), but I don’t know what am I doing wrong in the above code !
Could anyone let me know my mistake ?

There’s a mistake in formula of sigmoid. Just cross check the formula.

Thanks for mentioning, it @jaydeep24 , I have found out the error !

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Please delete (remove) the code as it goes against the honor code

I am trying to delete the code, but it is only showing the, version history of the code changes i have made.

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Removed the code. Thanks for bringing this to our notice.