Course 1- week 2- exercise 6 - optimization

Dear mentors and colleagues,
thank you a lot for this incredibly good structured assignment, but unfortunately I have a problem with exercise 6 - Optimization. In the loop when w and b are being changed on every step, problem occurs on the third iteration, because of the shape of w. The first and the second iterations were with w.T being (1,2) , but on the third it is altered to (2, 2) and the command, X) can’t be processed ( X is (2,3)) . I do not understand why it is happening, the previous exercises were correct, all tests were passed.
Thank you in advance!

Hi @moon_rin. It would be helpful if you could post the traceback (the error messages you are receiving) trying as best you can to not reveal your code.

Hello sir,
i have i think, exactly the same problem than @moon_rin, i can send you my traceback.
I hope i didn’t reveal too much code

Suddently, w’s shape is (2, 2)

Hello, dear mentor,
the problem is here

it emerges on the exactly third iteration
and here are printed values on the previous iterations

okay, i have found a problem ))) It has just happened that I mistyped a name of a variable, so b was wrongly changed with the help of dw and not db)) I hope you had resolved your problem!!