Week 4, Assig 1 Exercise 9 Error

I get a shape error in dW1 and dW2, and consequently in the final outputs.

I have spend days trying to solve it, unsuccessfully, and this is a big problem despite having solved 90% of assignment 1 because does not allow me to solve assignment 2.

I would deeply appreciate if you could help me solve this problem.

Attached the screenshots.


[Content deleted by mentor]

Hi, @Joansitges. Posting your code on Discourse (or any other public forum) is a violation of our honor code. As you can see, I have deleted it.

I suspect that you are doing some unnecessary work. You have created dA_prev_temp, dW_temp, and db_temp as a necessary step. Be sure that you actually use them.

Hi, @kenb
Absolutely, I should only read more, write less.
Problem and exercise solved
Many thanks for enlightening me.

Great! I should have mentioned that posting the traceback (the error message log) is not only permitted but encouraged.

Ken B