Course 2 week 2 update parameters with adam

Hello there,
I am stuck at the “update parameters with adam” programming exercise.

I think my code is correct but I get the error “Wrong values. Check you formulas for parameters[‘W1’]”. And I can’t find the mistake in the code.

Does anybody have any pointers? Thank you for any help!

[Removed solution code]

My result:
Screenshot from 2021-07-28 15-37-15

I have found the mistake. The formula is so small so I misread it:
Screenshot from 2021-07-28 16-02-24

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It is! Glad you fixed the error.

Good luck with the rest of the assignment :slight_smile:

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Yeah. Got me too. Actually, I would argue that it doesn’t matter whether you put the epsilon in or outside the square-root. You are just trying to avoid a zero divisor, but Andrew in his notes does put it outside so that is this course’s location for it.