Course 3, Week 1, Lab Submission Error

I’ve completed the lab, and all 10 exercises have passed. But when I submit the assignment, I get a 0%.
Then I see what the grader output is:
There was a problem compiling the code from your notebook. Details: name ‘compute_params_gaussian’ is not defined

I have tried all the methods given by others who faced the same problem, but none seem to work.

Maybe you have changed the naming of that function so the grader doesnt pick it up.

Did you solved ? i face the same error :smiling_face_with_tear:

try to add this “# grade-up-to-here” without quote at the end of the 9th or 10th cell it wil grad up to that cell. After that check the commentaries. If it’s good delete it and add it to next cell cell and step by step you could correct your code. It could work, i’m new in coursera but I used this # grade-up-to-here and it works with my notebook. Don’t forget to delete it from the current cell and add it on the next cell if you want to grade up to the next cell.