Course 4 - W2 Assignment 1- Residual Networks

Hello, I’m facing the following issue in the first function identity_block in the assignment. Could you please help me resolve the issue.

Please confirm:

  1. The padding and strides are set correctly for Conv2D layers.
  2. training flag is set for the batch normalization layer.

If this is the case, please click my name and message your notebook as an attachment.

In this component:
## Third component of main path (≈2 lines)
You’ve left out the training flag for the batch normalization component.

Thank you.

[code removed - moderator]

I fixed the issue. I still get padding and strides error. I’ve attached my notebook. Could you please help me fix the issue.

Please pay attention to the 3rd component in the main path. You should not use X_shortcut there.
Output of the 3rd component and X_shortcut should be added to provide the final result.
It’d help for you to look at the image in the markdown cell above the function identity_block.

Do remember not to post code on a public thread. It’s okay to share the stacktrace or message your notebook to a mentor when they ask you for the notebook.