Problem with assignment Residual_Networks - convolutional-neural-networks- " identity_block" function

Hellow I have a problem completing the assignment. I always get the error "AssertionError: Looks like the BatchNormalization units are not working


After trying many resources no thing change>

I wonder if this error faced other learners>

What should I do now?

Any help or guide is appreciated

{moderator edit - solution code removed}

Please share your full error. It is not allowed to share your code or notebook publicly.

A screen capture image that shows the entire error message would be very helpful.

It looks like you have a very old version of the notebook. Did you copy it from github or from someone else? It hasn’t looked like that on the course website for at least a year. Copying someone else’s work is a) cheating and b) doesn’t work if the version you are copying is not recent.

There should be no “training” parameter visible anywhere in the identity_block or convolutional_block APIs.

My suggestion is to get a clean copy of the notebook and start over.