WEEK2 Assignment 1 identity_block grade is not proper

Hi ,
For Week 2 identity_block function all my test cases are passed yet the grade is coming as zero, Can you please suggest how to fix it?
Or is it a bug happening to others as well?

Yes, this has happened to other students. But it most likely means there is a bug in your code that the unit tests do not detect. Are you sure you passed the “training” argument on the BatchNorm calls? They give you an example of what the BatchNorm calls should look like: yours should look the same.

BTW I think they fixed the test cases to detect that, so maybe you have discovered another such problem. Please let us know whether the “training” argument is the issue or not.

Thanks for your reply
Yes, I’m passing the training argument as below
X = BatchNormalization(axis = 3)(X, training = training)
This morning I started the assignment from start with the same implementation as previous day and wohho it worked perfect .

Just to make sure I’m understanding what you are saying, it sounds like you have solved the problem, right?

Yes, I have solved the issue

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That’s great! Thanks for confirming.