Graded 0/100 on Course 4 Week 2 Assignment 1

Hello. I have done pretty well in the first assignment of Week 2 but my grade is 0/100. I believe it’s a bug. Could you please fix it? I need to get the certificate. Thanks.

Hey @Norrie please don’t have any doubt in the autograder. It is functioning properly.

However, we are open to the possibility for any kind of bugs.

I suspect there must be something in your code which the unit tests are not able to pick.

Can you share the entire autograder output ? Thanks.

Thank you for your reply.
The entire output is this: “Cell #5. Can’t compile the student’s code. Error: AssertionError()”.
I have passed many tests and it is impossible that my grade is 0/100 (otherwise I wouldn’t have passed other assignments either).
I will appreciate it if you grade me manually quickly if the bug takes a long time to fix.

I’m afraid we cannot manually grade someone. Can you DM me your notebook ? I’ll take a look. Thanks.

Hi Mubsi,

Thanks. I just sent you a message on DeepLearning.AI website.
Here, I’m sending two files (as I explained in the other message, I couldn’t download an ipynb file).


(Attachment Residual_Networks.htm is missing)

(Attachment Residual_Networks.json is missing)

Hey @Norrie I’m not exactly sure how did you and to whom the message went to on DeepLearning.Ai website.

Follow the instructions given on this post: How to Download Your Notebook(s)

And direct message me your notebooks. Don’t post them here.

Hi, I just redid the assignment and get the perfect score so it’s not an issue anymore. Thanks for your help.

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