Need to fix this bug!

I think there is something wrong with the auto grader this week!
Both of my assignment did not successfully graded until I change a little of the syntax
Both in #UNQ_C3
ResNet assigment:
Change to BatchNormalization()(X)
MobileNet assignment:
Make this in one line: model2.compile(loss=loss_function,optimizer = optimizer,metrics=metrics)

I think I should report this bug to the course’s staff and Discourse is only platform I know.

First, I am sorry for posting in the wrong section, I find it very difficult to adapt to this platform.
Here are the evidence.

This is the problem I mentioned! I did manage to solve the problem myself and these code that the autograder reported faulty was from the original source code of this course, not from student’s self implementation. I wrote this post to report this and help to further improve this amazing course’s quality.

You filed this under “General Discussion”. I have moved it for you to DLS Course 4.

I’m sorry, but you’ll need to be a bit more specific in describing what you believe the bug in the auto-grader is. It sounds like you had bugs in your code and you had to fix them in order to get the full score from the autograder. You’ll need to provide evidence if you want to convince anyone it’s a problem in the autograder, as opposed to your code. If this involves showing source code, then please switch to a Direct Message conversation to avoid revealing source code publicly.

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