(2nd week) Programming Assignments / Python Basics with Numpy

I confirmed that all assignments had showed “All tests passed” after shift+enter on the Jupiter, and then submitted.
However, when I checked my status, it said that I had not yet got more than 70 scores.
I supposed that there might happen some errors, so how can I resolve?


Hi @Musaobemaya thanks for your message and sorry to hear that. There are currently some issues with the Autograder so your problem might be related to that. Can I ask you to redo the submission and then share in this threat the output of the Autograder? If it is indeed an issue, we will report it with the Coursera Helpdesk team and make sure it gets resolved,
Many thanks,

Hi Stephanus Thanks for your reply. I redo the submission, however, result was the same. I would like to send output of the Autograder, and each assignment as per attached. Your support to resolve this issue is appreciated. Sam

Hey. Maybe it’s because you are using t_x in your sigmoid functions instead of the local variable x.

@Prakhar Thank you very much for your advice. Now I can resolve this issue. Appreciate!

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@Musaobemaya you are not expected to publish the code of your notebook, could you please edit your post and remove it? What @sjfischer was asking for was the output of the autograder to see if there was any hints regarding the potential error.

@albertovilla I’m sorry for my misunderstanding. Now I removed my code.