DLS C4W2 Error: "Looks like the BatchNormalization units are not working"

Hello everyone.
I was trying to do DLS C4W2 assignment, and I have been stuck on this for too long. I have even seen many solutions online and still can’t get it right.

You are using an older version of the notebook.
Here’s the new function signature:

# UNQ_C1
# GRADED FUNCTION: identity_block

def identity_block(X, f, filters, initializer=random_uniform):

Please follow these steps to refresh your workspace

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Please explain why you are setting the training parameter only for BatchNormalization. The test code explicitly manages the learning state via tf.keras.backend.set_learning_phase(True) and tf.keras.backend.set_learning_phase(False)

Sorry sir. Must’ve been a brain-fade moment from my side.
Thank you so much. All my doubts have been solved and I’ve successfully completed the assignment.