Course 4 Week 2 resNet assignment

My code passed every test in ResNet assignment of week 2. But while submitting it graded 0/100.Its showing nbgrader-part after submission. Why?

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I have the Same Problem.

Yes, I just had the same problem on the Residual Networks exercise in C4W2. The error from the grader sounds like the grader basically crashed. Here are a couple of screenshots of the grader error:

The course staff is aware of the problem. Please monitor this thread for status updates.

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I have the same problem

There is a master thread about these problems. A recent post on that thread suggested a workaround.

I can confirm that the suggested workaround was successful for me on the Residual Networks assignment.

Hi @paulinpaloalto
I passed the ResNet exercise with a 66/100

However, in the lab, the tests have passed, so shouldn’t it be 100/100? I’ve completed the exercise before the update, so I pretty much copied most stuff and made some adjustments.

Hi, @MichaelAnderson. The problem is that the tests in the notebook don’t catch all possible errors and apparently in this case the grader has some different tests that fail with your code. I have seen instances in other assignments where this happens because the student has hard-wired some parameters to values that happen to agree with the test cases in the notebook. So the first suggestion would be to scan your notebook for possible instances of bugs like that. Note that it’s telling you that the identity_block function is the one that failed its more stringent tests, so that’s the first place to look.

Also note that this assignment is basically an excruciating exercise in proofreading: they tell you what to do in some detail, but all the details need to be right. Please have another careful look through identity_block comparing your code to the various instructions and comments.

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Try not to specify the batch norm’s argument

I’m not sure what you mean by that. One possible mistake that can be made here is to omit some of the arguments on the BatchNorm calls. They show you an instance of what the call should look like in the template code. You can actually just copy that for the blocks where you need to call BatchNorm.

If I specify the argument for BatchNorm, then my score will be 66/100. If I leave it blank, then my score will be 100/100. I am not sure why that happens but it works.