WEEK 2: Residual Network Project Autograder Issue

Graded Function Identity block is being marked as incorrect although I’ve passed all tests

Hey, could you dm me your code? There might be something wrong which the public test cases are not able to find.

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Note for others who have the same problem: Check if you have used all the arguments in the function and read the instructions for anything you might have missed. Good luck!

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My 3rd graded function UNQ_C3 has passed all the test cases successfully, but after submission, auto grader gave me 0/100 . This is the error grader is showing me the submission section:
“Cell #UNQ_C3. Can’t compile the student’s code. Error: VariableNotFoundError(‘Variable loss_function not found in Code Cell UNQ_C3. Please make sure you have not altered the cell positions from the original exercise question.’)”.

I have not altered anything in my code accept where I was supposed to.

Can you please help me out for this?

Issue solved! I just re-submitted the assignment after a couple of days and this time it worked fine.