[Course 4][Week 1][Assignment 1] Ex 2. conv_single_step

Well, after trying to figure it out for a few hours, I am here for help. The error I get is the following:

I did the dot product between the slice and W, I added all the values in “s” together with np.sum, and finally got Z by adding float(b).
I tried printing my results, and it seems that when this is casted: conv_single_step_test(conv_single_step)
the parameters b and W changed … could it be? Or where could my mistake be ?


Hi @FrankAst , welcome to the discourse community and I hope the course is going well for you. If I read correctly, are you using the dot product for slice and W? Note that the exercise request an element wise product, maybe that might explain the assertion error you encounter.


That was indeed the issue. Thank you Sir.

Great @FrankAst , good to see it is solved! Enjoy the rest of the course!

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