Course 4 week 3 assign

i probably should just keep working this i noticed someone on c4w3-a 2 had simliar issue - i know something’s off -i had to get a little creative to get my classes[2] to align first to 8 then to 16 respectively- i managed to pass all tests but my final output of 10 is callings cars a dog, boat, yak, u name it with unwavering certainty - this is first time i was able to pass all tests and somehow fail id print an error code but im not getting one obviously maybe someone could peek at my code and see where i went awry on classes[2] i have to be close to get this far along ill put it down and redo lectures im afraid if i go back in now ill regret it

Please realize that no-one but the course staff can directly look at your code and they’re generally too busy. Please show us the actual error output you are getting.

Please also clarify which assignment you are talking about. You mention C4W3A2, but that is U-Net for Image Segmentation and I don’t understand how cars, dogs, boats and yaks are relevant there. :nerd_face:

i on my title i meant to write c4 wk3 a 1 - it’s the car detection - - i passed all tests so i’m not getting a traceback currently i’d have to undo something to re- create that - previously i was getting a value error - i’m sure i made a misstep - i’m re-listening to the lectures again now hoping to glean new insight - i had ia single issue with class[2] showing 0 when it should have been 8- and i. thought i could get away with a tf scatter and update to align it and it seemed to - the same type of error came back again when it should have been. 16 -i

and i went to the well again and it passed again - but alas the final output shows i’ll have to dig back in

Sorry, but I don’t understand how you could pass the tests if your “classes” values are not the expected values shown on those test cases.

Maybe the simpler thing is just to look at your code, but we can’t do that publicly. Please check your DMs for a message from me.