C4 Graders for Weeks 3 and 4 failing after restarting Kernel

Hello there!

I have completed and submitted the following assignments, with all test marked as

“All tests passed!”

  1. CNN Week 3 Assignment 2: Image Seg. with U-Net
  2. CNN Week 4 Assignment 1: Face Recognition

I have followed the instructions as follows:

F​or the upcoming assignment, Image Segmentation with U-Net, when you are ready to submit the assignment for grading, after having passed all tests within, please do the following before submitting.

  1. P​ress Kernel → Restart & Clear Output
  2. P​ress File → Save and Checkpoint

However, after around 16 times of failing in the course (for about a week now), something seems to be fundamentally wrong. This means concretely that I cannot complete course 4 of this specialization and the assignment is late!

What it is recommended for us learners to do, and when should be try submitting our work again?

Thanks for the feedback!

Passing all of the unit tests does not prove your code works correctly. The unit tests do not check for every possible error.

Continuing to submit the same code 16 times isn’t a good strategy for success. After maybe two or three tries, it’s time to consider that there may be mistakes in your code.

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Right! You know what they say about people who try the same thing over and over and expect a different result every time :laughing:

The first thing to say is don’t sweat the deadlines: in all the courses here they are “fake” in the sense that there is no penalty for missing them.

In terms of debugging this issue, the first step would be to click the “Show grader output” link on the latest submission and see if you learn anything from that. No guarantees of course, but that’s the next step.

That is true, I also have heard the same: that the definition of insanity is repeating the same thing and expecting a different result.

So I ponder, is this instruction insane? :thinking: (just kidding)

[U-Net] W​e are aware that despite having passed all the tests within the assignment notebook, upon submitting you can get a 0/100 score. If you are confident your solutions are correct, do the two steps described above and submit the assignment a few times until you pass.

In any case I will share then with @TMosh my code (thanks for offering), as I have no error message to report and maybe I am indeed insane :frog: which actually would explain a lot of things :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

That instruction dates back to a time early in this version of the course, where the grader had a statistically-related problem. This has since been fixed.

And “a few times” is maybe three or four.

The grader seems to not like seeing !!! as a comment delimiter. The notebook unit tests don’t care about it.