Course 4, Week 4, Assignment 1 (triplet loss)

I am getting the correct (expected output) value for loss, but the unit test fails with the following error:

Also can someone tell me how to reset my notebook to the base version? I think I messed something up and want to start with a clean copy.

I would guess this means your triplet_loss() function is returning the loss value as a vector. It should be a scalar.

To get a clean copy of the notebook, look for the instructions in the FAQ thread in the Course 1 forum area.

Thanks @TMosh - I debugged it

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A new issue has cropped up - I submitted the assignment but received this error from the grader

How do I fix it?

It says it was a Coursera technical difficulty.
There is nothing you or I can do about that except wait and try again later.

Thanks - I just had to go through the trouble of typing out all the code again but it’s working now.