Question 4 C3W4

I am getting all test cases passed but when the grading is done it is giving 0/10 . And since my tripletloss function is giving error I am not able to pass the assignment.

Hi @Ashwini_Ramanuj

Do you pass unit tests for TripletLoss function? If so, please make sure:

Important Note on Submission to the AutoGrader

Before submitting your assignment to the AutoGrader, please make sure you are not doing the following:

  1. You have not added any extra print statement(s) in the assignment.
  2. You have not added any extra code cell(s) in the assignment.
  3. You have not changed any of the function parameters.
  4. You are not using any global variables inside your graded exercises. Unless specifically instructed to do so, please refrain from it and use the local variables instead.
  5. You are not changing the assignment code where it is not required, like creating extra variables.

If you do any of the following, you will get something like, Grader not found (or similarly unexpected) error upon submitting your assignment. Before asking for help/debugging the errors in your assignment, check for these first. If this is the case, and you don’t remember the changes you have made, you can get a fresh copy of the assignment by following these instructions.

If all the points above are taken care, you can download, private message me with it attached to the message and I will look into it.


No i am not able to do it and since I was not able to do it , I changed the code . Can I revert back to it??
or I can get the original function

You cannot get only the original function, but you can revert the whole notebook. If you made lots of changes to the Assignment Notebook I would suggest to save the copy of it and then refresh the workspace. You would get the original notebook (without your code) and you would have to fill in the ### START CODE HERE … ### END CODE HERE ### bits.

Still I am not able to do it. I am getting 3 test cases passed and 3 fail in triplet loss function.

You can download your Assignment Notebook, private message me (with the notebook attached to the message) and I can try to help you with it.


Hi @Ashwini_Ramanuj

Pay close attention to calculating triplet_loss code hint:
# add the two losses together and take the `fastnp.sum` of it

what your code does it takes the mean of them both the triplet_loss1 + triplet_loss2 resulting vector, while you should have added them.