Course 5, Week 4: Decoder class

Hi all, I’m getting a strange error for my Transformers programming assignment. All my code chunks up until the Decoder class block have passed all tests (including the Decoder layer), but the Decoder class block
fails with diagnostic “wrong values in outd”

My output value was [-0.2784571 -0.56373984 -0.8536583 1.6958553 ]

The expected output value was [-0.2715261, -0.5606001, -0.861783, 1.69390933]

The values are very close and I can’t find an obvious logic error in my code. Has anyone else had a similar issue before? Any tips would be very appreciated!!

Passing the tests in your notebook does not prove your code is perfect.

Have you searched the forum for the word “outd”?

Yes. Using the forum search option can save a lot of time. Check this similar case.


Thank you both for your suggestions! The linked post helped me finish my debugging :slight_smile: