Course 5 Week 4 Ex 1

In exercise 1 I’m getting this error , can’t figure out what is wrong ??
Submatrices of odd and even columns must be equal

angles = pos/np.power(10000,(2/d)*i)

Nvm , I got it .


Can you help me with the Next exercise in the same assignment?
I’m unable to properly initialize the matrix and use the sine,cosine function.

Hey , I found this excercise to be a bit difficult than others , so for the assignment I just followed the
above doccumentation for completing this asssignment.

Just follow this you should be able to complete the assignment without much problem.
Hope it helps .

Yes thanks you. The link has helped a lot. But I am stuck at Exercise 6 of the same assignment. Cant get past Decoderlayer. Could you please help me with that?