Course for managing Data?

I did a lot of courses from this community, and they were all phenomenal. My question is, do we have a course about managing Data? Cleaning dirty data, fixing labels, feature engineering, categorical data handling, class imbalance?

I want to get some practical experience in that section as well because I feel a lot of companies look after these skills. I mean, if I build a project with the titanic dataset, it won’t mean much. But a project, with a dataset I created and cleaned and so on, will mean a lot more to a potential hiring manager.

Sorry for posting this here, I don’t know where else to post it. I don’t care if the course is on ML or DL, I just want some practical experience in that part of the job which is data managment.

I think you are exactly right that those skills are valuable and in high demand. That general area is called “Data Science” as opposed to “Machine Learning”. I have not yet looked at it, but there is the Practical Data Science specialization from Deeplearning.AI.

A few years back I took the first couple of courses of the Johns Hopkins Data Science course on Coursera. That was interesting and well taught, but be warned that it uses R as the programming framework instead of python.

If you search for “Data Science” on Coursera there are lots of choices, but I have not explored any of them other than the Johns Hopkins one.

Johns Hopkins course looks fantastic! I might do it after I finish with DL specialization! I don’t mind that it is using R. I’ve seen R as a requirement in a lot of jobs, so it will be really great if I can put R along with python on my resume. Likewise, I have also seen the Google and IBM courses, which look a bit more beginner-friendly.

I was hoping Andrew had a course because he is the first teacher that really got me to learn and understand things haha.

Anyhow, thank you for your input!