Course progress markers

I first noticed this on the ChatGPT Prompt Engineering for Developers course, and it’s still happening on the LangChain for LLM Application Development course.

When I complete a video, the green check on the side does not register. Sometimes I don’t even get the red half-circle (in progress) mark. I assumed this was triggered by an event listener watching how far the playhead progressed, but that seems wrong. I’ve watched the videos multiple times to test this. I’ve even tried letting it load completely, dragging the playhead to cover the entire video, and clicking at various lengths along the timeline but still no recording of my progress.

I even tried doing this in incognito mode, so no browser extensions loaded, in case that was causing the error.

Are you aware of this error?

Here is an image of my sidebar.

Hello @CyberCrusader .

Thank you so much for your input. We are currently working on this issue.

We appreciate your interest in our short courses!

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