Course progress lost

Under normal circumstances, upon the completion of a video, a green check mark is displayed to indicate that the course segment has been successfully completed.

However, I’ve noticed that these checkmarks are no longer appearing for the videos I’ve completed. This has resulted in an inability to track my course progress, creating an impression as if I have not completed any segments of the course.

I’m unsure if this is a bug or an unforeseen technical glitch. If there are any recommended steps to recover or reinstate my course progress status, I would greatly appreciate your guidance.

Check whether u have logged in with the same account.

Hello @bastiaan ,

Kindly refresh and check if you are using the same account or mistakenly logged in with other google account.

If you still see that issue persists,
Post here or shift your post here :

With regards,
Nilosree sengupta

I’ve used the same account, the course progress is simply no recorded.
I’ll mention it in the other forum section.

Not sure if you’ve already resolved the issue, but you might want to try clearing your cache/cookies. I realize it’s a standard solution but it might help in this case. Let us know in in the link above if it’s still not working.

I am experiencing the same issue.