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I have already taken the Introduction to Machine Learning 2-month course, which consists of 3 courses. I need help deciding if I should take the Deep Learning or TensorFlow programming course in the intermediate courses. Please help me out if you have an overview of this. Thanks!

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You can go on Deep Learning Specialization and then follow to the Tensor Slow Specialization.

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Deep Learning Specialization (DLS) covers the theory in detail and develop models from scratch using Numpy (also TensorFlow [TF]). On the other side, TF course do not teach you the theory in detail. Just TF stuff.

So, if you want to dig deeper to understand the theory and how each ML technique works, then go for DLS. Otherwise, TF is your choice.



Thank you for your reply! Could you also narrow down the difference between the Machine Learning and Deep Learning Specialization courses? Thanks again!

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Thank you for your reply and helping me out!

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Please check the course page for more details. For MLS, click here; for DLS, click here.