Course1 Week4 Exercise9

Please help me with the below error.

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That is the first call to linear_activation_backward and it is for the output layer, right? Look at the logic that comes before that call: what is done with the grads dictionary before that point? Nothing, right? It’s just initialized to be an empty dictionary. You have to populate it with your logic. So maybe you should not get the input gradient value in that case from grads. Look at the comments a few lines before, they are telling you to manually compute dAL. Maybe that’s what you need …

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Thankyou Paul, I got to know where I was wrong.

By the way, I just have one more doubt regarding course 2 and 3. I have enrolled for both the courses at the same time based on financial aid. But, now the deadlines for first week of both of them are falling together on 23rd Jan, and I’m still not able to cope up with the material or even start it. Will it affect my grades if I miss my deadline?

No, don’t worry about the deadlines: there is no penalty if you miss them. They just automatically reset. They are just “advisory” to help people stay motivated.

Oh ok, that’s great to hear. Thankyou for the prompt reply