Course2 . week 3 assignment

I am facing an issue on .I’ve tried alot and restart a kernel too .but still I am not able to tackle the issue …plz guide .as tensor.flow activation error excercise 5 error .and unindentent error is showing

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What is your issue? Please share your full error.

There is an error in your code. Have you taken any Python courses? If not, then take a Python basics course to familiarize yourself with it, and then take this machine learning course.

Please post an image that is wide enough to show the entire error message.

There isn’t enough information in the images you posted to diagnose the issue.

Here’s the error sir .

Since this is a Keras Sequential model, all of the layers must be defined as items in a comma-separated list, enclosed in square brackets.

There appears to be a problem in your definition of model_r().

Here is the template code - your task is to fill in the three missing layers.

model_r = Sequential(
        ### START CODE HERE ### 
        ### START CODE HERE ### 
    ], name= None