Course4 , Week 3 yolo assignment1

sir I’ve gotta lot of problem all test cases passed but still i got 0/100 . Submitted 2 times .
Sir Please review my Assignments

Hi @Sudhi_Ranjan_Gupta,

What feedback is the grader giving ?


Try Again · 0/100 points earned

You must earn 70/100 points to pass.

Actually sir some code deleted so I modified it , Can I have the original .ipynb file .
But sir it Passes the whole test cases … still I get 0/100

I think what Mubsi was asking is what you see when you click “Show grader output”. Just the score doesn’t really tell us much. There should be more detailed feedback, although there is no guarantee that it will be more enlightening.

If you want to get the original copy of the notebook back because you accidentally deleted some things, there is a topic about that on the FAQ Thread.