Course5 Week1 assignment 3, only easy if you know the answer

Assignment 3 is really hard to understand. It seems to be pure magic and luck when i finally find the right mix of function calls to apply… Maybe a better explanation of how the tensor shapes etc propagate through a Keras functional would make sense? I am really stuck at some weird shape /input problem for “Exercise 2 - music_inference_model”

Test failed Expected value [‘InputLayer’, [(None, 64)], 0] does not match the input value: [‘Reshape’, (None, 1, 90), 0]

I do not know if InputLayer is supposed to be Reshape or the other way round…

and after too long googling and code review I am about to stop for today, no solution in sight, super frustrated.

Try this thread:
Jazz tips

I am facing the same problem, even given thread doesn’t help much.

I started a thread one this last night Course 5 Week 1 Project 3 - #7 by dbiber.

Got a bit of feedback from a mentor on a simple oversight I made. Then used it to kind of track my errors i was running into. I get confused when I am writing after being zoned into this for +12 hours lol so sorry if my troubleshooting seems to make no sense, but it the end i am very close to having this thing locked down. Also by aware since they just released the updated platform there are bugs. I have quite a few with the notebook saying everything is good and passes. But the overall autograder with the hidden tests fails.

Debugging tip:
If you can’t fix a problem in under an hour, best practice is to walk away and do something else, then come back later with a fresh mind.

Twelve hours of doing the same thing is just going to lead to confusion and chasing a lot of false leads.

There are three classes of errors regarding failure to score 100 when you submit.

  • The built-in test cases do not check your code for every possible error. You can easily pass the test cases with defective code.
  • The Notebook platform isn’t all that reliable - it can sometimes get confused and not include your latest changes to your code cells. That’s why we recommend you restart the kernel and re-run all of the cells.
  • Sometimes your code will cause the grader to actually break. The grader isn’t perfectly immune to coding mistakes.

It’s very difficult for anyone (students or mentors) to identify which of those three situations exist in a given situation.

You are absolutely right. I got pretty brunt out. So I am just going to be working out in sparingly. I’ve actually spent about 12 hours a day since the middle of march to build me resume up till I found employment. I found it though so just finishing up my open classes before i start.