Week 3 assignment 3 vgg16-fcn8 image seg

so my topic is the little blurb between exercise 2 and 3 “Please pay attention to the (type) and Output Shape columns. The Layer name beside the type may be different depending on how many times you ran the cell (e.g. input_7 can be input_1 )” i happen to have tried quite a few approaches and im experiencing this - this would have your input go off kilter -is that right ? there has to be a simple adjustment i just wrecked what felt like an inch away on exercise 3 after rolling through 1 and then 2 with matching outputs - tensorflow keras has so many inviting ways to make adjustments - just get a fresh notebook - re-input my code to date and run once ?

Yeah thats probably the best approach save your current code with a different file name and reset the notebook!