Course5 Week2 Assignment2 -Emojify submission error

Hi, I tried this assignment, and passed all the test, but after submit, I got 0/100 and an error: Cell #21. Can’t compile the student’s code. Error: AssertionError(‘Wrong values. Debug with the given examples’,), any help? @Mubsi I have tried to comment out other cells, but still not working, any clue why this is happening?

Even I am facing the same issue

my bad, there was a typo, but the unit test did not detect the error…

Hey @tljing , glad you fixed it.

I have been seeing this error a lot lately. Could you tell me how to replicate it ? If it requires sharing your code, then kindly send me a direct message with it. Thanks.

I got the same problem. Although I passed the assignment by commenting the unit test (got 80% grade), could you please indicate what could be the typo?

@Mubsi I am getting the same error. I will send you a direct message

Please don’t do that next time, commenting out unit tests.

Could be a number of things. Can you share your code with me in a DM ? Thanks.

Hi, I had the same problem and the reason was that I was not incrementing the j value at the end. I had j= 1, but it had to be j = j+1. Hope that this helps!

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