Create a GPT with owned Data & RAG

Hello everyone!
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I will kindly ask for your help with the following project. I’m currently leading a knowledge management project in the company where I work (consulting). The idea is to use ChatGPT to create a chat with or global knowledge (projects, studies, benchmarks, etc) to democratize the information. I’m not expert on building on building this RAG with ChatGPT. So, if anyone have done something similar before it would be great to have your experience.

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Are you considering using the OpenAI API or an open-source model like llama3 which you can run locally?

I think this will help you get going, it helped me make a POC the code is a little out of date but if you have co-pilot or chat-GPT it took me like an hour to figure it all out.

I was thinking to use openAI API, since is something that everyone in my company would like to use.

Thank you so much! Looks pretty interesting and helpful. I’ll dig deeper into this. Thanks again!

Hey might be a little late, but incase you’re learning about RAG,
you can check out langchain relate courses, one of which that I suggest is

Thank you Rishit!! I really appreciated it. I’ll give it a look today. :blush:

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