How to create a ChatBot from sratch with custom data without APIs

Hey, I want to build a AI chat bot which is similar to the Google’s dialog flow I don’t want to use GPT APIs because it takes lot of time and cost to answer the queries.

Could you please suggest me some ways and resources to kickstart with this

You may try to use an open source LLM and fit it as chatbot but I am not sure how accurate would that turn out to be compared to ChatGPT but you should try!

Some open source LLMs are mentioned in this article:

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@cs21b1084 I haven’t tried this myself but as @gent.spah suggests you might look at some of the Hugging Face open source models and then fine tuning as appropriate.

However, if you really want to learn how all this works ‘under the hood’, I’d highly recommend you check out Karpathy’s ‘Zero to hero’ course.

Quite a few hours of video here but this will at least give you a solid understanding how it all works.


@Nevermnd I didn’t know about Karpathy’s course or his YouTube channel.
Thanks a lot for sharing these resources. They’re very valuable.

It is sometimes a bit more focused around his library (which is free), though not entirely, but if you like the Karpathy resources I think you’d like Jeremy Howard’s (of videos/resources too:


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